Highway 365 Storage in Conway

Highway 365 Storage – The top storage unit Facility in Conway, AR

Availing storage facilities has now become a must in every sphere of life. Whether it is for your business purpose, for residential needs or vehicle storage, looking for storage units on rent often becomes a hassle. However, if you are someone residing near the highways of Conway, availing a reliable Highway 365 Storage unit’s service can be your best decision ever.

Are you wondering what makes these storage centers so special and reliable? Check it out then!

Why does Highway 365 Storage have the greatest Conway Storage Units?

These storage units are located at major roadways and highways of Conway, providing easy accessibility to areas like Gold Lake Estates, Preston and Conway. Unlike the other storage centers, reputed online storage hubs provide storage facilities for all your needs. From commercial purposes to residential needs to vehicle storage, these warehouses provide space units for all purposes. What makes these companies more reputed is that each of their storage units has drive-up accessibility with wide driveways.roll up doors

Features to count on

Online storage units in highways of Conway are known to offer various unique features to their clients. These are-

  • Easy to avail insurance for tenants.

  • Accepts online payment of bills.

  • On-site management team to provide the best storage solutions.

  • Well-lit and fully-fenced storage units.

  • Live monitoring with digital surveillance 24*7 throughout the year.

  • Vehicle Storage through uncovered boat storage, outdoor parking for RV and storing motorbikes.

  • Various discounts for students, military members and elderly persons.

  • Packing and moving supplies for business

  • Ability to pay bills online.

  • Credit cards of major banks are accepted.

  • Free truck rentals

  • Easy to afford with no administrative charges or deposit fees.

  • Special offers and coupons to make storing a budget-friendly experience.

  • Drive-up accessibility

  • Heated and cooled storage buildings

  • Wide driveways for easy navigation


  1. Vehicle Storage

Highway 365 Storage Centers offer clients with the provision of storing their vehicles for all purposes too. You can expect-

  • Indoor and outdoor storage of motorcycles

  • Outdoor parking of RV

  • Outdoor storage of boat

  1. Business Storage

Other than offering storage for residential purposes, reputed storage centers even help with storage for commercial purposes. The benefits that they provide to a business are as follows-

  • Fully-fenced storage spaces

  • Drive-up accessibility

  • Deliveries are accepted with manager’s approval

  • Monthly rentals

  1. On-site management

These centers have a friendly and professional on-site management team who has expertise in all storage needs. They are efficient enough to help with- business storage, boat and RV parking, business storage, cooled and heated storage buildings.

  1. Advanced Security

Reputed storage units are known for providing advanced security measures to clients. They provide around the clock digital surveillance. They monitor each of their storage spaces with electronic gates which are opened only with the manger’s approval. They even keep a watchful eye on each of their storage units with digital cameras.

  1. Affordability

What makes these storage spots of Highway 365 more unique is that they provide one-of-a-kind storing facilities at nominal prices which can be easily afforded by all. They have various price ranges for different unit sizes, making the entire storing experience a budget friendly one. They even offer the system of paying monthly rentals at low prices along with numerous special coupons to choose from. Further, these storage hubs even provide discounts to customers like- students, senior citizens and military members.

  1. Convenience

No matter whether it is residential storage, vehicle storage or storing your business goods and inventories, the convenience that you can have while experience the storage facilities of warehouses in Highway 365 is un-matchable. They make use of the latest storing technology like the online account management tools, live monitoring, etc. Further, they even allow clients to rent storage spaces on month-to-month lease terms.

Unit Sizes

Reputed Highway 365 Storage centers provide units of various dimensions to their customers for all kinds of storage needs. These units are:

5 × 10

A storage space of 50 sq. ft., is equivalent to that of a walk-in closet. These units can easily store box spring and mattress, sofas, small quantities of furniture, chairs, small household items, boxes and chest of drawers. Further, they can even keep records, files and supplies for your business.

10 × 10

With a moderate size of 100 sq. ft., these storage centers can be easily compared to that of half a size of 1 car garage. These units can accommodate 1 bedroom apartment with furniture items, appliances and supplies and files for business storage.

10 × 15

Being parallel to two-thirds of the garage of one car, these units can be one of your ideal storage spaces if you are looking for keeping a large number of goods together. These can store a house of two bedrooms with its furniture, appliances, boxes and other household goods. Further, you can even include your business goods like inventories and raw materials.

10 × 20

These storage spaces are equivalent to that of standard one- car garage space. It can easily accommodate a 3 bedroom house along with its major appliances and large numbers of boxes. One can even keep his inventories and storage files for commercial usage.

Other than the ones listed above, Highway 365 Storage hubs even provide units of various other dimensions. These include-

  • 5 × 5

  • 5 × 15

  • 10 × 25

  • 10 × 30


  1. Small units- Their price starts from $40 approximately.

  2. Medium Units- Non-climate controlled medium sized units start from a price of $60 onwards.

  3. Large Units- Large units come in a price range of $70 to $95.

Office hours

Reliable Highway 365 Storage centers, known for their esteemed services have their offices open from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening throughout the week. On Saturday, they have a half day and open their office at 9 am and run it till 12 noon. They have their weekly off on Sundays.


With his proficient on-site management team, the manager of a storage company is responsible for-

  1. Managing, overseeing, supervising and participating in the daily operations of a storeroom.

  2. Approves requisitions and analyses the work orders.

  3. Ensures that there is no sudden change which could hamper the entire delivery process.

  4. Briefs his staff on the materials which need to be assembled and loaded for the right delivery.

  5. Initiates requests for the replacement of stock in the storeroom.

  6. Reviews and determines if the paperwork has been done correctly and makes additional changes when needed.